Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NewTechLabs Hosting Vs Hurricane Ike

Over the years, I've had to defend the cost of web hosting. It always starts with I can get web hosting for $5.95 a month at some other hosting provider. I always state, "Yes, you can get Linux hosting just about anywhere for that price. However My servers are a windows hosting solution and the same service goes for about $99.99 a month at other service providers."

The truth is my $29.99 a month plan is very reasonable when you look at how solid my servers are. My hosting service was put to the test last week when Hurricane Ike came thru the Galveston and Houston Texas. As most of you know my servers are located in the middle of Downtown houston and right in the path of Hurricane Ike. During the hurricane, over 3.5 million people lost power*. NewTechLabs Houston Web Hosting stayed up all thru the hurricane and it's aftermath. NewTechLabs Houston web hosting allowed all of it's Houston users to make changes to their web site and allowed people in Houston (who still had power) to access websites and email.

So when the Houston phone's were down, Our Houston customers were still able to send and receive emails! This allowed people to correspond to their loved ones when they could not get thru Via Phone!

I'm happy to be able to give my customers the ability to communicate to their loved ones in the their time of NEED!

All for under 30 dollars a month for Web Hosting. How much is communicating to your loved ones worth to you?

Thanks to everyone that helps make NewTechLabs one of Houston's best Web hosting Company's. So Thanks to the NewTechLabs partners and technical teams. This includes: Ingrid Fuller with Cityscope Web Hosting and Chris Duke With NewTechLabs Houston Web Hosting Who help make things happen!.

For All your Houston Needs Please Visit NewTechLabs Houston Web hosting.

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