Wednesday, March 25, 2009

facebook rant

I am convinced that Facebook is a Spy ware site. My girlfriend has a facebook account (I do not use facebook as I prefer myspace for my social networking needs). I got her a brand new laptop yesterday, because her other computer is hosed (and it's a little out dated being 4 years old) it was time to migrate her to a laptop and get her into the 21 century.

She installed the basics on the laptop (Adobe master suite and Ms Office) which is all the programs she needs or uses. She then proceeded to goto her FaceBook (she plays all these social games)

within hours of playing her games, her computer was hosed. The IE has a hijacker program and won't go to any URL without erroring out. Even restoring the to a previous date did not fix her issue.

Make a long story short, I ended up restoring her computer back to it's original state and had to start over. This time I'm taking a "snap" shot of the hard drive so when it gets infected again I don't have to redo her WHOLE computer again.

I have been long time protestor of Facebooks for several reasons, now I am Convinced that this site is after your soul! (or at least your browser!)